As a school leader, you advocate on behalf of your students and staff every day with the decisions you make. NASSP calls on you to take your advocacy to the next level and help us seek effective federal education policy.

With the pending reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act and several new and inexperienced members of Congress voting on education legislation, never has there been a more crucial time for you to voice your insight on effective school leadership. Make your voice heard by joining the Federal Grassroots Network!

What is the Federal Grassroots Network?

NASSP’s Federal Grassroots Network brings together individuals who want to build close relationships with their members of Congress to inform them of how policies they create in Washington impact education in their districts and states. The network provides NASSP members with:

  • Weekly email updates on the latest news, research and resources regarding federal education policy
  • Quarterly conference calls led by NASSP Government Relations staff to brief network members on federal policy updates and to allow members to share state and local policy updates
  • Access to Federal Grassroots Network on edWeb, an online community community where members can facilitate their own conversations on how to advance the collective advocacy agenda of school leaders.

Additionally, network members are encouraged to regularly meet with their federal representatives to discuss state and federal policies that will benefit schools and students nationwide.

Make your voice count! Contact David Chodak at to join NASSP’s Federal Grassroots Network.