Have eighth-grade graduation festivities become too elaborate?
(Final results)

87% Yes
13% No


Total Votes: 180



The conversation begins around this time each year, this time courtesy of Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist Eugene Kane. Kane believes that with lavish eighth-grade graduation festivities, educators could actually be setting the bar so low that some students might begin to view eighth grade as the high point of their education instead of simply the latest step. Some minority parents disagree, however, arguing that any graduation is a cause for celebration, especially considering the city’s high drop-out rate.

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2 Responses to “Principal’s Poll (6/9 – 6/16) – Eighth-Grade Graduation Festivities”

  1. Ruthanne Kenney says:

    No one should graduate from anything except college or high school. The ceremonies at Kindergarten and 5th grade are what feeds this 8th grade graduation beast.
    Students should have to accomplish something before we graduate them.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have seen some school who are much too elaborate with their ceremonies – at night, with “prom” dresses, limos, etc. I thank that is a problem for the administrator to solve. We have gone from a night event to an afternoon, at the school, takes maybe 45 minutes to an hour, but is heartfelt, somewhat serious, and respectful. Eighth grade students are dismissed to leave with parents before the school day is over and they can then spend time with the family. The dinner and dance are the night before and have a “theme” like Hawaiian. Low key, but respectful and somewhat restrained.

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