On behalf of all middle and high school leaders, NASSP needs your help to prevent funding cuts that will affect all schools across the country. We are working hard to prevent something called sequestration-drastic, across-the-board cuts to education and other federal programs scheduled to occur on January 2, 2013-but your Members of Congress need to hear from you, our school leaders on the ground.

Sequestration-which is a result of the Budget Control Act approved by Congress in August 2011-would cut Department of Education funding by over 8%, jeopardizing nearly 90,000 education jobs and dozens of critical federal programs that help our students succeed. Title I grants would be cut by $1.2 billion, hurting 1.8 million students and eliminating 16,100 jobs, and IDEA grants would be cut by $973 million, impacting 495,000 children with disabilities and eliminating 12,600 jobs. On top of this, since July 2008 the country has lost 312,700 public education jobs, meaning we have roughly as many local school jobs today as in December 2004. Yet, we expect to see 847,000 more prek-12 public school students this coming school year than in the fall of 2004. You can view state-by-state data on the specific impact in terms of jobs lost and students impacted in your state here. For these and other reasons, we cannot let sequestration occur, and we need your help.

Please take 2 minutes to go to NASSP’s Principal’s Legislative Action Center and send a form letter to your legislators (also copied below) urging them to prevent sequestration, and instead to support policies that find a balanced approach to solving our nation’s finances.

Note: To send this action alert, you will need your NASSP member ID #, but don’t need a password.


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