Final results, with 130 responses:

Which of the following comes closest to your opinion of online learning?
35% It has the power to revolutionize schooling
23% It provides opportunities to personalize learning
28% It has promise, but needs regulation
10% It is not an effective way to teach or learn
4% It is a fad that will pass

An eSchool News article discusses the recent study by the North American Council for Online Learning (NACOL) that annually benchmarks online learning. The study’s conclusions: online learning continues to grow at a rapid pace, with 30 states—6 more than last year—now offering state-led programs or initiatives. NACOL warns that more oversight of online learning programs is needed if this growth is to continue.

Yet, while online learning continues to expand, questions remain in many principals’ minds about the effectiveness of online instruction and they remain concerned about quality control. If you haven’t already done so, take this week’s Principal’s Poll and leave your comments on online learning here.

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  1. Mark Westerfield says:

    I have administered an Online Program for the last seven years. Last year I had the opportunity to spend time in China and see what they are doing with Internet based learning and we are not utilizing the full potential of technology. Are there risks, certainly. There were risks in letting kids use calculators too. I cannot imagine anyone advocating going back to the slide rule.

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