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What Makes “The Principal Difference”?

As a high school principal, I always felt as though I was drinking out of a fire hose instead of a straw.

It was always difficult to find the time to keep abreast of current issues that were important to me as a principal. I had the best of intentions, but I often found myself not reading that article or that book that a friend recommended. I needed someone to synthesize what was happening and translate it for me so that I could put the information into practice. I needed short bursts of information that I could absorb in a few minutes. If I wanted more information, I could take the next step. Blogs are a great way to stay on top of school issues, but I couldn’t find one that applied directly to me as a principal. I needed a bridge between research, current events, and my school.

That’s what this blog is all about—taking what is out there and translating it for principals so that they can use it right away.

Mel Riddile is the Associate Director for High School Services at NASSP.

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