Ninth Graders: Overwhelmed


I don’t know anyone who would wish to be a ninth grader again. While the first day of ninth grade may be a “rite of passage,” it certainly was not a pleasant one. According to this report, ninth graders must face the following:

Overwhelming – Most new ninth graders are unprepared for the sheer size of the of the high school compared to their middle school.

Bottom of the Food Chain – Another shock! Last year they were on top.

Navigating a larger campus

Changing classes

Facing more difficult course work – Their increase in difficulty of their new textbooks is even greater than the jump from high school to college.

Fitting in among older students – Many of the students are legally adults.

Hazing – “Fear of being tormented by older, bigger students” on “Freshman Friday.”

“Fear of Abuse” – Fear of abuse goes beyond Freshman Friday. “Kids I see are really afraid of the gangs in school.” “Some … have changed schools because of this fear.”

“Strict teachers” – “Get on your teacher’s good side. A lot of high school teachers are a lot more strict. You don’t want to be on their bad side the first week of school.”

“It’s a huge transition. They come in at 14 and they leave as adults.”

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9th Grade: “Nerve-wracking rite of passage” on 1st day of high school.

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